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Foil Printing

Foil Printing

Foil blocking is an addition to the blind embossing process. By placing a sheet of foil between the embossing die and the book, the colour is transferred under heat and pressure. Various colours are available including metallic finishes such as silver or gold.

There is a real sense of luxury that you can only get using this method of branding. Combinations of colours can be printed onto the same book which can create a striking design. We recommend either a one or two colour foil print, otherwise it is better to go for digital printing instead.

Foil Printed Moleskine

Here we have the Moleskine notebooks we've all come to know and love. The durable, hard cover lends itself well to the process of embossing. This creates a clean and defined outline without seeming too imposing.

A two-colour foil print can give you a real presence as your message can be made to look particularly exciting.

Foil Printed Castelli

Foil printed Castelli Matra notebook

The Castelli Matra notebooks are more suited to foil printing than some of the other Castelli notebooks. The firm hard cover is much more suited for foil to compress and stick against the book without leaving fuzzy edges. An essential feauture required for logos with fine details.

Foil printing in gold adds an air of majesty and heritage to a brand. Perfect for crests or portraying luxury.

Foil Printed Leuchtturm1917

Foil printed Leuchtturm1917 notebook

Having similar cover material to the Moleskine, the Leuchtturm1917 offers another natural home for a foil printed design. These books are particularly praised for their build and extra features inside.

In the example above we were able to match the foil print to the orange elastic band for a look of seamless integration for the company.

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