Foil Printing

Foil blocking is an addition to the blind embossing process. By placing a sheet of foil between the embossing die and the book, the colour is transferred under heat and pressure. Various colours are available including metallic finishes such as silver or gold.

There is a real sense of luxury that you can only get using this method of branding. Combinations of colours can be printed onto the same book which can create a striking design. We recommend either a one or two colour foil print, otherwise it is better to go for digital printing instead.

More Info and Leadtimes

Metal dies are required for foil printing and our prices always include this cost. For a new job (casting a new die) lead times can be 1-2 weeks.

We keep and maintain any dies that we produce for future use. This makes foil printing a cost effective solution for repeat ordering. This is especially useful for any urgent ordering of a repeat job – if stock availability is good, then we can deliver within 1 week.

Foil colours include silver, gold and white as well as a standard range of primary colours. If you have a particular need, we can specially order foils for truly unique finishes.

As always, if you have an urgent deadline, please make sure to contact us so we can confirm leadtimes and stock.