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What is the value of a branded notebook?

Find out how a simple notebook can help make a real difference to your company


Branded notebooks are our key branded product here at Bureau, far more popular than pens, so what exactly is their appeal and are they are a worthwhile use of marketing funds?

External use

Firstly, branded books fall in to two categories – those for clients and those for employees. Most of our books are going out to clients and are there to represent the brand and act as a subtle or not so subtle reminder of the company. The majority of books we brand are blind embossed which provides a fairly gentle brand presence and allows the client to use the book without it shouting free gift too loudly.


Sales of notebooks are on the up and despite the digital age, people do still write so with a decent quality notebook and a smart branding, chances are your book will be used and appreciated. We have top notebook brands Moleskine and Leuchtturm as well Italian brand Castelli which offers great value and the ability to fully customize your book with insert pages and digital print.

Internal use

Books for employees can be a both a nice way of helping to make your staff feel part of the company and also a valuable tool for them. When any employee first joins us here at Bureau we start by giving them a notebook and pen which encourages them to work methodically, writing down notes, pending daily tasks and use in meetings.


We can also add in printed pages of any important company information such as contact numbers or procedures or perhaps a bit of the company history. With a huge range of colours on offer we can often provide books in corporate colours or screen print logos in colour to match. We do a lot of work with the military providing books for various regiments where loyalty and a strong sense of belonging is highly valued – sentiments that we all want to foster in our staff team.

Offering a smart company notebook can be a good way of welcoming new members of the team and rewarding existing staff.

Get in touch

Our team here at Bureau can offer help and advice with design and provide you with free quotes and mockups. If you would like to see what your logo might look like on a book for your clients or your staff, please drop us an email or give us a call.

Dominic Irons
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