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What has a branded notebook ever done for us?

Well, quite a lot in fact. And in case you think it can’t do anything for you, think again.

Who needs stationery?

The paperless office? So last century? Not at all. Branded notebooks are bought by some of the biggest tech companies around for promotional and presentation use – if it’s good enough for Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and Spotify then it’s proof that stationery is alive and well in the 21st Century.


The choice

The only problem is what to choose. With 4 different brands, 3 different sizes, over 20 different colours, 4 different paper styles and nearly half a dozen ways to brand a notebook it can be overwhelming.


So what did we do?

After branding so many books for other people, and seeing so many unusual and visually striking ideas being brought to life, we thought it was about time we designed a branded book of our own. Now, you might think it would be easy; after all, we know the techniques available to us, we have artwork and brand assets we can use and we have the skills to lay it all out. 

Our aim was to create a notebook that gets people thinking beyond a logo, shows off some of the processes available to us, and is something people would keep and use.  Inspired by some of jobs we have created for customers we all agreed that blind embossing, with its tactile finish, was a must. 

Cue a couple of weeks (okay, maybe a bit more than that) of ideas, drawings, rejections and more drawings until finally we had a design. One of our suppliers Castelli would be making the books for us, so deciding which of the nineteen shades of Tucson to choose was the next hurdle. In the end we went for blue, partly because the chances of there being an exact match for our corporate colour was slim (note – we can do custom colours, it just takes longer - ask us). Blue is also the most popular colour outside of black so we felt it would have a wider appeal as well.

Blind embossing is the bread and butter of what we do – it is still by far the most popular choice, but we wanted to push at the limits of what we could do with it. Literally. Yes, we pushed the embossing to the edge of the cover, something a recent client of ours had done with great success. This also allowed us to play with our logo and create something different, hence the edge-to-edge paperclips.

Lastly, we knew we had to include an insert page. After all, we wanted to mention ourselves in the book but didn’t want to spoil the cover. For a small extra charge you can do as we did and add an insert page – this one is especially nice as it uses the same paper stock and so feels part of the notebook.

So this is what we chose to do.

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